Our Mission

"Free Spirit" is a unique project that represents inclusiveness and demonstrates the partnership between horse and human that exists through History, Work, Rehabilitation, Education, Sport and Leisure.  The project has raised funds to create a life-sized bronze statue acknowledging the horse's unfaltering service to mankind.  "Free Spirit" was unveiled at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire on Sunday 19th May 2019.

The horse's contribution to Britains's rich history and culture is significant.  The tribute shows endurance, service and partnership and represents quiet determination and trust, the inspiration for which came from young people.

The Free Spirit Design

The horse knows no boundaries and does not judge or discriminate.  Inclusiveness has always been central to the "Free Spirit" project and we are delighted that our paved area allows direct access from the main path to welcome all visitors.  The horse shoe insert provides an outline shape for the seats.

The layout of the seats provide space in between for wheelchairs and create multiple points of access, allowing all visitors regardless of mobility, to be able to sit side by side to enjoy the opportunity to reflect.

The braille offers visually impaired visitors access to the information and "Free Spirit" stands on a lower plinth providing a tactile experience for all visitors to enjoy.

Images are used to support the text providing equal access to information to all visitors.

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From the beginning of the project it has been important that “Free Spirit” was never out of reach for anyone.

For many people the primary way to acquire information is through touch.  A physical connective helps to complete the mental image or understanding of the statue and can be necessary to fully appreciate its beauty.

All visitors can engage with “Free Spirit” and this reflects human to horse interaction.

What the horse means to me ....

"Horses have already given up so much for us and still do.
Their sacrifices have enabled us to live freely, in addition to giving up
countless lives; isn't it about time we started giving back?
That is why I support the Free Spirit - that's what its all about!"

Free Spirit Young Ambassador

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