Few people today remember the essential role of the horse in human life over thousands of years, and how until a generation ago the horse was part of the everyday experience of life. Some images of the importance of the horse appear in early cave art and the Free Spirit project has an ongoing commitment to provide education to all groups ensuring that the importance of the horse is recognised, embraced, and taught to future generations. Horses no longer carry soldiers into battle or pull ploughs and carriages, but the unique relationship between horses and humans will remain strong for many years to come. An integral part of Free Spirit are the projects that run alongside incorporating history, music and art.


The project, endorsed by the First World War Centenary Project, provides education to all groups covering the role played by the horse, past to present.

During a recent event to “Celebrate the Horse” held at Defence Medical Services, Whittington we were joined by students from Broadway Academy in Birmingham reading the poem “War Horse” by Brenda Williams.

A local history teacher is coordinating a community history project and has provided a history pack that is available to download from the Free Spirit website.

Download Here


Birmingham student and songwriter Dominic Malin has written a signature song for Free Spirit that is performed with the Free Spirit Voices. Dominic’s vision has created a fantastic song that is:

"Sensitively written and beautifully performed, the Free Spirit Song represents the very best of young creativity in honouring the horse”

Encouraging everyone to share the empowering qualities of music can bridge between generations and provide an alternative means of connecting, to ensure everyone is included even where traditional forms of communication are compromised.

Listen to the Free Spirit song on YouTube

Click here to listen to song


Inspired by a drawing “Image of a Horse”, created by a student from a local high school, the project ran an art competition and entries were received from schools across the country from Devon to Edinburgh.

The competition winners all attended the Grand National at Aintree to collect their prizes and the artwork has been on display locally and has made a journey through Wales at the Ceredigion Museum in Aberystwyth and the Swansea Museum, as part of Wales Remembers, marking the centenary of the First World War.

The artwork is displayed throughout the website and we are extremely pleased to announce that the artwork accompanied by the Free Spirit maquette is now on display as part of the Racing Collection at Newmarket Library

"Since the beginning I have been with the Free Spirit Memorial project and have seen the dedication and commitment of everyone involved. It has brought together a community of individuals, enabling people from all backgrounds to share their passion, love and beauty the horse represents.

I wanted the song to embrace the qualities associated with the horse and create a musical score that reflects the past, engages with the present and carries a message into tomorrow’s future."

Dominic Malin - Songwriter

From the dawn of human time the horse has been our means of movement, our workmate, our warrior, our constant companion ... and our inspiration.  What better tribute could there be to his faithful service than a permanent artwork at The National Arboretum? I am delighted to support the Free Spirit project”

Sarah Clegg
Free Spirit Ambassador


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